U.S. Custom and Border Protection at T.F. Airport

All international arrivals at T.F. Green Airport, upon their entry to the United States, are required to proceed to U.S. Custom and Border Protection, CBP. At CBP, passengers must clear passport control. CBP Agents will check all your legal documentation, passport, Real ID, immigration documents, Permit cards, Visa, etc.

T.F. Airport Global Entry

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program. Within the program pre-approved, low-risk travelers are allowed to enter the United States via using automated kiosks upon their arrival in U.S. Passengers should gain the membership of the Global Entry Program to access the service.

T.F. Airport Automated Passport Control

An Automated Passport Control (APC) is another program operated via U.S. Customs and Border Protection program. The program advances the entry process for the citizens of U.S., Canadian citizens, Legal Permanent residents, and VISA waiver (ESTA). Those passengers are provided with a self-service kiosk to subscribe biographic information and Customs declaration form. APC service is free of charge and does not require membership or pre-registration.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Areas at PVD

At Theodore Francis Green International Airport, the baggage claim area is situated on the ground level of the terminal. Baggage Carts are available at the arrivals area, while Skycap Service is located near the Check-In and entrance areas. Skycap provides assistance for luggage as well as for passengers with individual and special needs.

After the baggage claim area, passengers should follow the signs designated throughout the hall. Meeting points and exit is located after the baggage claim area.



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