T.F. Green Airport provides several parking options. The airport holds around 7,127 parking spaces accompanied by 24-hour security, shuttle service, and lighting. Airport Shuttles are available from Long Term Express Lot E.

PVD Short-Term Parking

Lot D is providing a convenient location for drop-off and pick-up, as well as for rideshare and limo transportation. The Lot hold 529 parking spaces, is handicap accessible and equipped with the Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EV), located under the Skywalk. The first-hour price is 6$, additional per hour 3$, a daily maximum of 25$, with extra 0-6 hours -13$.

PVD Long-Term Parking

Located on T.F. Airport property, Lot E offers an economical choice for long period parking. It covers 4358 parking spaces. The Lot is open 24-hour, is ADA-accessible with airport shuttle service from and to the Terminal. The first hour costs 6$, 1-2 hours -12$, daily rate maximum of 17$, while the weekly rate is 85$ per week.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot at T.F. Airport

Located on T.F. airport property, the Cell Phone Waiting Lot offers around 50 parking spaces for drivers to pick-up arriving passengers at PVD. Drivers should remain in their vehicles until they receive a pick-up call. Be aware that unattended cars will be subject to tow. Cell Phone Waiting Lot is free.



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